What we do

Invenire is a small consulting group, incorporated federally in 2003, with a publishing arm “Invenire Books” launched in 2009. We tackle issues in ways that engage and stimulate clients and their stakeholders, providing creative and practical advice on strategy, policy, service delivery, evaluation, client/stakeholder engagement and HR management to senior clients in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Our value added and the broad range of issues with which we can deal effectively come from the breadth and depth of our senior consultants’ professional experience backed by an extensive networks of contacts. Drawing on our recognized credibility in the academic, public service, diplomatic and management worlds as well as the media, Invenire has developed and uses a toolbox of techniques and expertise to help organizations track down the sources and causes of difficulties in achieving the desired results and then make creative and practical reforms.

Through our work with public, private and not-for-profit organizations, we understand collaborative governance and stewardship. We believe that different points of view, different priorities, and even different terminology are often required to meet an organization's needs and goals whether they are about strategy, policy, or operations.

Invenire tackles a wide variety of difficult and/or sensitive and/or complex issues using evidence based approaches – while recognizing that evidence can come in many forms and from different sources. The results include creative and practical insights into how groups, organizations and policy makers can take actions likely to result in improvements in collaborative governance and/or stewardship. On occasion our techniques have been likened to scheming virtuously.

Who we are

Founding partner Ruth Hubbard is a practitioner, coach and mentor of senior executives, advisor, explorer and published writer about governance and management challenges, especially in the public and not-for-profit sectors. She served for more than a decade as a federal deputy minister including as President of the Public Service Commission as well as President of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Founding partner, Gilles Paquet has published many books & scholarly articles on governance and was the founding director of the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at Carleton University as well as of the School of Management at the University of Ottawa. Past president of the Royal Society of Canada, he is a past board member of the Ottawa Hospital and former president of numerous Canadian and Quebec associations including L’Association des Economistes Québécois. Named Member of the Order of Canada in 1992, he has been a regular interviewer, commentator and animator on public affairs in TV, radio and print. Currently, he is Professor Emeritus, associated with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. He is editor in chief of www.optimumonline.ca, a publication specializing in governance issues. More: http://www.gouvernance.ca.

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