What Would You Say: ... as guest speaker at the next Canadian citizenship ceremony?

The author examines the concerns about immigration and the integration of newcomers by asking each of several long-established Canadians and newcomers to be guest speakers at a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

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Information about the author:

Robin Higham

Table of Contents



The Four Horsepersons of The (Canadian) Apocalypse          

1.    What’s Happening Here?                                                                              

2.    French Lessons for Canadians                                                                   

3.    From Immigrant to Citizen: How To Get Here From There                      

4.    Emigrate Push and Immigrate Pull                                                         

5.    Civility and The Rules of Engagement                                                   

6.    Rights and Responsibilities: The Two-Way Street                                   

7.    Trust Among Citizens                                                                         

8.    The Government is Your Friend?                                                                         

9.    The Lightness of Being Un-Canadian                                                      

10.  The Family’s Responsibility to Protect                                    

11.  Reasonable Limits to ‘Reasonable Accommodation’?                     

12. Conclusions