The Tainted-Blood Tragedy in Canada: Slaughtering Some Sacred Cows

These essays are exercises in critical thinking. Four ensembles of pathologies are considered: (1) institutional pathologies like the toxicity of the Charter; (2) impostures and sophistry like weasel words and fundamentalisms; (3) toxic trends like oikophobia, hyper-toleration and the politics of guilt; and (4) redesign challenges as for the RCMP, and the federal public service.

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Gilles Paquet

Table of Contents



Introduction              Driving Out Uncritical Thinking



Part I                          Institutional Pathologies

Chapter 1        The Charter as Governance Story
Chapter 2        Bouchard-Taylor as Hyper-tolerance

Chapter 3        The Betrayal of Super-bureaucrats

Chapter 4        Unmasking Legal Corruption and Legal Extortion


Part II                        Impostures and Sophistry

                                    Chapter 5        The Don Quixote Syndrome

                        Chapter 6        Columnists vs Academics: A Value-adding Flip?

Chapter 7        Laments of Two Fundamentalists

                                    Chapter 8        The Demonization of Stephen Harper

                                    Chapter 9        The Long Form Census Psychosis


Part III                       Toxic Trends

                        Chapter 10      About The New Rhetoric of Promiscuity                     

                        Chapter 11      Disinformative, Ideological and Oikophobic: …                                             Chapter 12      The Obscenity of Hyper-toleration

                        Chapter 13      The Perils of the Politics of Guilt


Part IV                       Design Challenges: A Small Sample

                        Chapter 14      Getting the Governance of Canada’s Capital Right

                        Chapter 15      Ontario Higher Education as Governance Failure

                        Chapter 16      The Canadian Armed Forces: A Citizen’s Perspective                                             Chapter 17      A Culturally-challenged RCMP

                        Chapter 18      About the Office of the Auditor General

Chapter 19      Real Cultural Change in the Public Service
Chapter 20     
Stationary Population as Fata Morgana



Conclusion                 Toward A New Cosmology