Our 2018 Publications...

Pasquinades en F: Essais à rebrousse-poil


Our 2017 Publications...

Pasquinades in: Slaughtering some sacred cows



A Future for Economics: More encompassing, more institutional, more practical



Tableau d’avancement IV: Un Canada français à ré-inventer 



Our 2016 Publications...

Driving the Fake Out of Public Administration: Detoxing HR in the Canadian Public Sector





The Tainted-Blood Tragedy in Canada: A Cascade of Gouvernance Failures


Intelligent governance: A Prototype for Social Coordination

Intelligent governance: A Prototype for Social Coordination



Our 2015 Publications...

What Would You Say: ... as guest speaker at the next Canadian citizenship ceremony?


Town and Crown: An Illustraded History of Canada's Capital



Irregular Governace: A plea for bold organizational experimentation



Autour de Chantal Mouffe: Le politique en conflit



Our 2014 Publications...

50 ans de bilinguisme officiel. Défis, analyses et témoignages: Une série d’analyses (politiques, savantes, mémorielles)




Tableau d’avancement III: Pour une diaspora canadienne-française anti-fragile 

Fifty Years of Official Bilingualism: Challenges, Analyses and Testimonies: A series of analyses (political, scholarly, retrospective)


Probing the bureaucratic mind: About Canadian federal executives

Unusual Suspects Essays on Social Learning Disabilities


Our 2013 Publications...

Tackling Wicked Policy Problems: Equality, Diversity and Sustainability

Gouvernance Corporative: Une entrée en matière

Our 2012 Publications...

Through the Detox Prism: Exploring Organizational Failures and Design Responses

Challenges of Minority Governments in Canada

Why we need more INNOVATION IN CANADA: and what we must do to get it

Gouvernance communautaire: Innovations dans le Canada français hors Québec

Challenges in Public Health Governance: The Canadian Experience

Moderato Cantabile

Stewardship: Collaborative Decentred Metagovernance and Inquiring System

Cities and Languages: An International Symposium

Villes et Langues: Gouvernance et Politiques



Our 2011 Publications...
The State in Transition: Challenges for Canadian Federalism

La Flotte Blanche

The Unimagined Canadian Capital

Tableau d'avancement II

The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo

Cities as Crucibles: Reflections on Canada's Urban Future

Our 2009 Publications...
The Entrepreneurial Effect

Scheming Virtuously

Profession: Public Servant

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