Irregular Governace: A plea for bold organizational experimentation                           

This book is a challenge to administrative conservatorship. It highlights promising initiatives and perilous ones. It makes the case for ombudspersons and against super-bureaucrats, for public-private partnerships and against single-purpose agencies, and for innovation and against the reluctance to adopt effective management tools.

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Information about the author:

Gilles Paquet

Ruth Hubbard



Table of Contents

Introduction Beyond Conservatorship


    Part I   New Mediating Actors


Chapter 1  Ombuds as Producers of Governance: Initiative I                                                                             Gilles Paquet  


Chapter 2  Superbureaucrats as enfants du siècle: Peril I

                                                            Gilles Paquet


                        Part II                         New Structural Forms


                        Chapter 3                    P3 and the ‘Porcupine’ Problem: Initiative II

                                                            Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet


                        Chapter 4                    Single-purpose Entities in a Multiplex World: Peril II

                                                            Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet


                        Part III                       New Social Technologies


                        Chapter 5                    Innovation as Redesign: Initiative III

                                                            Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet


                        Chapter 6                    The Management Vacuum: Peril III

                                                            Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet


                        Conclusion                 The Case for Irreverence and Experimentation