A Future for Economics: More encompassing, more institutional, more practical: This book proposes the reflections of eight senior members of the economics profession who have all taught at some time at Carleton University in Ottawa – a place known for extending the scope of economics beyond its traditional boundaries.

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Information about the guest editor:

Christopher Maule


Table of contents


            Christopher Maule, guest editor                      


Part I              Broad Trends

                        About Hedgehogs and Foxes   

Gilles Paquet              

                        An Experience Characteristic of the Times       

Harvey Lithwick         

                        Deepening of Development Economics            

Steven Langdon


Part II             Trade, Productivity and Institutions

                        Evolution of Trade Theory      

Ehsan U. Choudhri     

                        Innovation and Productivity Growth    

Don McFetridge         

                        Multinational Enterprises        

Christopher Maule      


Part III           Money and Finance

                        Out of the Ivory Tower           

Georg Rich                 

                        Financial Institutions in Canada           

John Chant                 


            About The Authors


            About the Centre on Governance of the University of Ottawa