Town and Crown: An Illustrated History of Canada’s Capital Town and Crown: A study reporting on a research program carried out over the last 16 years to reconstruct the story of the the transformation of the Ottawa region into a modern capital.

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Information about the author:

David L. A. Gordon


Table of contents


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1.     A Magnificent Site (Pre-1826)

2.     Building Bytown (1826-1832)

3.     Imperial Outpost (1832-1857)

4.     The Queen’s Choice? (1858-1867)

5.     Lumbertown (1868-1900)

6.     Crown Plans: ‘Parking’ the Capital (1900-1912)

7.     Crown Plans: City Beautiful? (1913-1920)

8.     Roaring Twenties (1920-1930)

9.     Depression and the Wartime Capital (1930-1944)

10.  Post-War Plans (1945-1959)

11.  Boom Town (1960-1969)

12.  Town vs. Crown (1970-1989)

13.  From Red Tape to Blue Chips? (1990-2011)

14.   Town and Crown: Lessons for the Future of Canada’s Capital


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