Intelligent Governance: A Prototype for Social Coordination

The book presents an alternative paradigm to the one in good currency in Canadian public administration. It presumes that no one is in charge and that there are no shared values, and promises better ways of governing in the future.



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Information about the author:

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

Table of Contents


            Preamble: Not a Plan, But a Prototype, and Indications Along the Way


Introduction: Escaping from Mental Prisons and Designing New Arrangements


Part I: Reframing

Chapter 1: Beyond the Blinding Search for Simplicity and Certainty


Chapter 2: On Collaboration


Chapter 3: Designing Social Learning


Part II: Refurbishing


Chapter 4: Delta Knowledge and the Drift From Leadership to Stewardship


Chapter 5: Social Practice, Strategy and Accountability


Part III: Scheming and Wayfinding Virtuously


Chapter 6: Collaboration in the Absence of Affectio societatis


Chapter 7: Culture Governance and the Strategic State



      Conclusion: Governing Intelligently