Driving the Fake Out of Public Administration: Detoxing HR in the Canadian Public Sector

There is much waste and dysfunction in Canada's federal public service. The authors show why efforts to correct the situation have failed, and they show how the HR regime can be detoxed and modernized by modifying management structures and competencies, and by taming the progressivist cosmology. 

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Information about the author:

Gilles Paquet

Ruth Hubbard


Table of Contents


Preamble                     The Storyline: It Is All a Matter of Coordination

                                    Gilles Paquet

Introduction                The Priority Should Be Performance, Not Being a Model Employer

                                    Ruth Hubbard

                                                Culture governance shift

                                                HR as a crucial arena

50 years ago the HR regime went off track: the model employer conceit

Part I                          Cleansing The Augean Stables

Chapter 1                    Tinkering Can No Longer Suffice

                                    Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

                                                Vignettes of diagnoses and cures from different perspectives

                                                Evasive thinking

                                                Tackling the problem head on


Chapter 2                    Failure To Confront

                                    Gilles Paquet

                                                The degradation of the common public culture

                                                Failure to confront in action

                                                The case for more gumption  


Part II                         Modeling

Chapter 3                    An MRI of HRM in The Public Sector: A Prototype Intent on Complicating Matters

Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet


            General sources of high performance

            In praise of hybrid forms of governance                                            


Part III                       Prototyping

Chapter 4                    Social Architecture and Competencies

                                    Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet

                                                Boards of management

                                                Competency design as crucial complement

                                                Kickstarting the innovation process   


Chapter 5                    An Agenda For Cultural Change in The Federal Public Service

                                    Gilles Paquet

                                                In search of a new covenant

                                                The transformation of the public service culture

                                                From here to the new covenant in six difficult steps


Conclusion                  Killing Two Birds with One Stone: A Mental Prison and A Cosmology

                                    Gilles Paquet

                                                Progressivism and the age of unreason

                                                Containing the Pearsonian conceit

                                                Harnessing the progressive deceit

                                                The revolutionary philosophy of equability