Building Bridges:Case Studies in Collaborative Governance in Canada

This book contains case studies about real-life complex problems in different regions of Canada (aging, eco-systems, fisheries, first-nations community, poverty, revitalization plans) being addressed successfully through collaborative governance.

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Information about the author:

Claude M. Rocan




Chapter 1 – The Power of Collaboration and the Collaboration of Power:
Lessons from a Multi-sectoral Poverty Reduction Collaborative

by Derek Cook and Tere Mahoney

Chapter 2 – The Gang Action Interagency Network of Winnipeg
by Robyn Dryden

Chapter 3 – Collaborative Governance for the Development and Implementation of Revitalization Plans to Enhance and Sustain Ecosystem Resilience:
The Collingwood Harbour Remedial Action Plan

by Gail Krantzberg

Chapter 4 – Collaborative Governance to Meet the Challenge of Aging:
The Case of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities

by Mario Paris and Suzanne Garon

Chapter 5 – Stronger Together: First Nations Community/Municipality Collaborations
by Wanda Wuttunee

Chapter 6 – Co-Management of Fisheries Resources in the Western Canadian Arctic
by Burton Ayles, Redmond Clarke, Kristin Hynes, Robert Bell and John Noksana, Jr.


Annex – Assessing Collateral Impact Within a Collaborative Governance Framework
by Anna J. De Hart