Moderato cantabile: Toward a principled governance for Canada’s immigration regime.

This book questions certain toxic myths in good currency about immigration, points to grievous administrative pathologies about the selection process of immigrants, and proposes new guide posts to shape a principled Canadian immigration policy – based on fair play and rules of hospitality – that include a clear understanding that permission to become a member of the host society must not be granted unconditionally.

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Gilles Paquet

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Dumbfounding Aspects of Canadian Immigration Policy

•Some stylized facts
•The baffling ‘Canadian consensus’ reversal after the mid-1990s
•A frontal attack on this wicked problem may be counterproductive
•Scheming virtuously on three fronts: a brief sketch

Chapter 2 Immigration and the Solidarity-Diversity-Security Nexus

•The SDS nexus
•Citizenship and the SDS nexus

Chapter 3 Toward Fair Play and Hospitality as a New Frame of Reference

•Moral revolution -> social transformation
•Frame of reference I
•Common public culture under threat
•Frame of reference II in the making

Chapter 4 Toward Principled Governance of the Immigration Regime

•Basic philosophy .
•A circumspect appraisal of the state of play by officialdom
•Toward a new Canadian immigration regime
•The moral contracts with newcomers
•Terms of integration and default settings