The State in Transition
Challenges for Canadian Federalism
Edited by Michael Behiels & François Rocher

This collection of studies on the role of the state reveals that our understanding of the evolution of the Canadian state, and of the ensuing impact on federalism and federal-provincial relations, is not as complete as it should be.

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Edited by Michael Behiels & François Rocher

Michael Behiels

François Rocher

Table of Contents

François Rocher and Michael Behiels

• Stephen Harper and Canadian Federalism: Theory and Practice, 1987-2010
Michael Behiels and Robert Talbot

• A Certain Degree of Social Homogeneity: Wicked Problems and Federal Possibilities in an Age of Globalization
Thomas O. Hueglin

• The Charter of Rights and a Margin of Appreciation for Federalism: Lessons from Europe
Jeremy A. Clarke

• Federal-Provincial-Municipal Collaboration: Moncton and Official Languages
Daniel Bourgeois

• Clients, Citizens and Federalism: The view of governments and citizens
Patrick Fafard and François Rocher

• Implementing a National Vision”: The Romanow Report’s Three Federalisms
Andrew Bourns and Peter Graefe

• A Clash of Ideals? Federalism, Citizenship and Education in the Multinational State
Iacovino Raffaele and Geneviève Nootens

• Canadian Federalism and North American Integration: Managing Multi-level Games
Geoffrey Hale

• The Federal Principle and the Canadian and European Union Treaty-Making Procedures
France Morrissette

• Canadian Federalism in Transition
Brooke Jeffrey

Michael Behiels