Scheming Virtously
by Gilles Paquet

Scheming virtuously: the road to collaborative governance

The author has been researching and writing about governance issues for forty years and this book is a systematic journey through our perplexing and frustrating experiences with governance failures, and the alternatives which show promise. Gilles Paquet challenges Statist assumptions and presents the alternative paradigm of collaborative governance. Imagine a world where no one is in charge! That may be our future, whether we want it or not.

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Information about the author:

Gilles Paquet

Key Ideas

•The genealogy of a manière de voir
•Early probing
Ill-structured problems and experimental intelligence
MRI for an arterio-sclerotic socio-economy
Questioning assumptions
State-centricity as dogma
Solidarity organizations as under-rated option
Stewardship versus leadership
Federalism as social technology
An informational view of the regulatory process
An agenda for change in the federal public service
Scheming Virtuously: the road to collaborative governance
Informational and learning perspectives
Lamberton’s road to the information and learning economy
Evolutionary cognitive economics: provisional framework
Guideposts on the road to collaborative governance