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Ruth Hubbard


-Driving the Fake Out of Public Administration: Detoxing HR in the Canadian Public Sector (2016)    *co-authored with Gilles Paquet

-Irregular Governance: A plea for bold organizational experimentation (2015)                   *co-authored with Gilles Paquet

Probing the bureaucratic mind: (2014)
*co-authored with Gilles Paquet

Gouvernance communautaire: Innovations dans le Canada français hors Québec (2012)
*sld avec Caroline Andew and Gilles Paquet

-Stewardship (2012)
*co-authored with Gilles Paquet, Christopher Wilson

-Profession: Public Servant (2009)

Ruth Hubbard is a practitioner, advisor, explorer and published writer about governance and management challenges, especially in the public and not-for-profit sectors. She served for more than a decade as a federal deputy minister, during implementation of Canada ’s value-added tax (the GST) as well, later, as Master of the Royal Canadian Mint and President of the Public Service Commission. Currently she is a senior partner in Invenire.